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FEES Foundation: on-line course

Date:  New dates coming soon
Skill:     Working towards RCSLT FEES Level 1


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Two x 4 hour interactive training sessions (8 hours total), provided online.

Whilst some of the content is taught through presentations, there is an emphasis on practical review of images with participation and group work. These sessions  will be supplemented with work for home practise. Please note the final hour of the sessions, 12.30-1.30, is optional.

Our SVS FEES DOPS framework document (direct observation of procedural skills) will provide you with a road-map of the skills required to develop your FEES competencies. It gives a step by step structured programme of learning so that you know the skills to be developed and assessed. It will provide you with detailed feedback and a useful documentation to take away at the end of the day for continuing your competency development.

Course Outcomes

By the end of the course delegates will:


  • Meet FEES referrer competency requirements as set out by RCSLT

  • Be familiar with digital imaging systems required to carry out FEES

  • Recognise landmarks as viewed endoscopically

  • Have a basic skill in FEES interpretation and be able to identify anatomical abnormalities

  • Understand need for compliance with local and national policies and procedures necessary for setting up a safe FEES service

  • Have an outline plan in place to progress their competencies in FEES in accordance with the RCSLT Competency Framework


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