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Working together to offer expert help with your speech voice and swallow problems.

Problems with speech voice and swallowing have a huge impact, affecting health, ability to work and to live life to the full. We recognise that when you experience these difficulties you want thorough assessment and speedy help.

We are a Nottingham based private speech and language therapy practice.  We have a wealth of skill and experience which enables us to offer high quality specialist assessment and therapy for a range of voice, speech and swallow problems. Our assessment and therapy is offered to you in a range of settings, can be quickly organised at your convenience and with no waiting list. 

SVS Training Ltd offers a range of training courses for speech and language therapists and also vocal skills training for teachers and professional voice users. See our training page for details.


Explore our services

We can help with a range of voice problems. We also offer specialist support to professional voice users, and transgender women

We offer assessment  and rehabilitation of difficulties with eating and drinking

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