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Our Voice Therapy Service

We offer specialist voice therapy for a range of voice problems. We also work with professional voice users and performers

and offer vocal feminisation for  transgender women.

Voice problems

Strain, roughness, whispery quality – loss of your ‘normal voice’ can be debilitating and have a huge impact on everyday life. Our aim is to help restore your voice as quickly and as fully as possible.

Voice problems and hoarseness can arise from a number of conditions including:

- Vocal strain

- Vocal cord nodules, polyps, cysts

- Vocal cord paralysis

- Parkinson’s disease

- Muscle imbalance

We are skilled in multidimensional voice assessment and a range of voice therapy techniques to bring about speedy voice rehabilitation.

A whole range of factors can impact on vocal health and that is why we believe in full assessment, ensuring you have an accurate diagnosis. Our history is of working in a multi-professional way with your ENT Consultant Laryngologist, osteopath, vocal or singing coach and other health care professionals as appropriate. As voice specialist speech and language therapists we network with the leading voice specialists in the country. This ensures that we can offer you interventions which are well established and effective. This may include breath support, resonance, pitch voice onset and achieving the correct muscle balance for comfortable voice. 

Professional Voice Users and Performers

Voice is the tool of your trade. When problems arise it has a serious impact on your ability to carry out your job effectively day to day. We recognise the need to access the right help quickly. We have many years’ experience of working with teachers, call centre workers, lecturers etc. We have no waiting list and will do our best to fit appointments around your work schedule.

We  also believe the best cure is prevention and so we  like to see you as soon as you start struggling with your voice to avoid damage to the delicate vocal cords. Building excellent vocal skills is essential.


                                                         ‘Don’t envy a good voice, have one’ Arthur Lessac.

We can work through a range of vocal techniques to help you achieve the most effective and comfortable voice possible. See our training page for vocal skills courses.


Transgendered Women

Finding and freeing up your feminine voice can feel a daunting task when faced alone. With careful support and tailored therapy we can help you experiment and discover a voice that feels comfortable to you. There are on-line training programmes and apps out there and we are happy to discuss these with you. But we believe in working with you as a unique individual, helping to refine and build confidence in your voice and most importantly enabling you to pass with gender appropriate voice.


All of our voice therapy is tailored to meet your needs. We predominantly offer one to one sessions which are supported by exercises which are recorded for home practice.  Telephone and skype/facetime reviews can be arranged.

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