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In-House FEES Training

Tailor-made FEES training for you and your team.
Cost: All inclusive pricing package dependent on course design.
Please note we are fully booked with bespoke team training at the moment but do talk to us as we may be able to combine our online training with follow up remote supervision
Our experience is that there is great benefit from learning together as a team within the familiarity of your own department. The bespoke nature of the training enables us to tailor the course to your needs. You have the benefit of learning on your own equipment or we can arrange a loan from one of our associates. We can invite in your colleagues from ENT, stroke unit etc which encourages their involvement and support going forward.
During the restrictions in place related to the ongoing pandemic we have moved this training on-line and we have had very positive feedback. Do get in touch to discuss your requirements

Here is some feedback about our in-house training:

"This FEES course exceeded my expectations. The whole process from start to finish was straight forward, timely and well-organised. Suzanne and Fiona were very credible as clinical specialists and were skilled at pitching the training (both theoretical & practical) at exactly the right level for our team. They ensured a safe and reassuring atmosphere which enabled us to ask and discuss issues that were important to us and that would ensure the establishment of our FEES clinics as well as other related professional issues, I really felt inspired and motivated by them. My top 3 activities for facilitating practical skills were: practising on my colleagues, working though pre-swallow & swallowing protocol & giving & receiving of feedback. This training course has made us bond even more as a team and really identify our strengths and areas to develop & how to support each other to make our FEES clinics a reality. Thoroughly recommend!"  SC Dysphagia Lead SLT


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