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FEES Practitioner: on-line courses 

Date:   12th & 19th June 2024
Time:   9.30-1.30          
Cost:   £225 total per person
Skill:    RCSLT Level 1 moving to Level 2

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Two x 4 hours (8 hours in total) online interactive training sessions will build assessing clinician skills. Over two sessions we will be focusing on honing your FEES interpretation skills. You will analyse and interpret pre-recorded FEES exams and use rating scales to accurately report FEES findings.  These sessions will be supplemented with work for home practice.

Our SVS FEES DOPS framework document (direct observation of procedural skills) will provide you with a road-map of the skills required to become a FEES practitioner. It gives a step by step structured programme of learning so that you know the skills to be developed and assessed. It will provide you with detailed feedback and a useful documentation to take away at the end of the day for continuing your competency development.

Course Outcomes

By the end of the course delegates will have: 

  • Theoretical skills in carrying out FEES

  • An improved understanding of normal and abnormal anatomy and the skills to describe and manage these findings

  • FEES interpretation skills including use of rating scales

  • An understanding of how to incorporate FEES findings into dysphagia management

  • Skill in writing a FEES report

  • An outline plan in place to progress their competencies in FEES in accordance with the RCSLT Competency Framework

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