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Nasendoscopy Boot Camp

Hands-on nasendoscopy skills workshops for assessment of voice and swallow function ...fully booked. More dates coming soon

Date:        13th & 14th May 2024
Venue:      Storz Training and Development Centre, Slough, Berkshire
Cost:         £425 early bird (ends 12th April 2024)  £450 full price
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Aimed at the speech and language therapist wishing to develop the practical skills elements of Fibreoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES) or Endoscopic Evaluation of the Larynx for voice disordered patients (EEL). This course will give you intensive training in nasendoscopy skills necessary for assessment of oropharyngeal dysphagia and/or voice disorders. Small group work will ensure that you are well supported, and both events will be held in a spacious, airy, and comfortable training environment.

Day one will see you building skills in safely passing the nasendoscope. On day two you will progress to  use nasendoscopy for assessing swallow function with the opportunity to work through a FEES protocol using the high and low endoscope positions. Those developing EEL skills will have an introduction to stroboscopic assessment and use an EEL protocol.

Course Prerequisites

Prior to this training you will have undertaken the theoretical component of FEES training to at least foundation level. Those wishing to learn nasendoscopy for EEL will have experience of working in a joint voice clinic and prerequisites as specified in the RCSLT EEL Position Paper 2020. We would also strongly advise that you have plans in place for ongoing supervision of your nasendoscopy skills upon return to your workplace to ensure your continued competency development.

Course Content

Getting to know the kit- nasendoscopes and digital imaging systems

  • How to hold and manipulate a nasendoscope – simulation

  • Nasal Anatomy Refresher-Navigating the nose

  • Passing the nasendoscope – Simulation and on volunteers

  • Managing the difficult examination

  • Identifying and managing risks and contraindications

  • Incidental findings and how to manage them

  • Nasendoscopy for FEES – working through the protocol

  • Nasendoscopy for voice evaluation – use of stroboscopy and voice evaluation protocol

  • Personal development planning using formative assessment frameworks

  • Pre and post course webinars to help you get the most from this training

Course Outcomes

By the end of the course delegates will:


  • Be familiar with digital imaging systems required to carry out FEES/EEL

  • Recognise landmarks as viewed endoscopically

  • Have experience of holding and manipulating a nasendoscope on a mannequin

  • Have experience of passing a nasendoscope several times on other delegates

  • Have a developing ability to visualize endoscopically, the structures and function necessary for voice and swallow

  • Have experience of working through a FEES/EEL protocol

  • Have an understanding of scope decontamination and storage

  • Have a plan for their ongoing competency development


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