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COVID-19 Information Round-Up - Guidelines

Anyone feeling overwhelmed with all the COVID-19 information out there? You are not alone.This crisis has brought out a huge generosity in the speech and language therapy profession and indeed all healthcare workers. The circulation of superb information via twitter, CENS, websites blogs is amazing. But if you are like me you may find yourself reeling from one moment clutching your phone, teeth clenched as you desperately try to track down that amazing resource that you heard was somewhere on Twitter to the next staring out the window wondering what it would feel like to be sat on that fluffy white cloud. We all want to feel prepared for what is to come - but that process and its urgency can feel exhausting. So this is the first blog featuring tiny bite size chunks of information which you will hopefully find useful.

Clinical dysphagia assessment, voice prosthesis change and nasendoscopy (for voice or swallow assessment) are aerosol generating procedures. See RCSLT guidance


Endoscopy examinations only carried out in ENT if absolutely necessary - i.e. airway obstruction or risk of cancer


Speech and language therapy endoscopy (EEL and FEES) should stop


Head and neck cancer patients will have day case surgery where feasible involving wide local excision without reconstruction



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